​'SCARLET' is symbolic of the passion, freshness, and energy, we bring to the table.
'RELATIONS' represents our commitment, honesty, and the long-term association we want to build with you.

Together, we are SCARLET RELATIONS, a boutique brand-relations marketing agency.



Mehar Gulati a creative strategist & business developer has been trained under the finest minds at the London College of Fashion. After studying Fashion Public Relations and communications, her passion translated to the profession for Mehar at an early stage. Her zealous drive and ambition had her managing the outreach strategies of multiple brands globally.
Working with over 50 clients in the Luxury sector in her time at different agencies for 5 years + (Fashion, Retail, F&B, Hospitality, Wellness, FMCG) she followed the trend in and out. Her work as the Founder of Scarlet helps reinforce the primary reason why she opted to join the industry in the first place: the joy of delivering (qualitatively and quantitatively) on the faith that clients place in her.
At Scarlet, she adorned the entrepreneurial hat whereby she helps various brands to structure their social media, consult on building the right strategies, and assists in collaborations for sound presence!


At Scarlet Relations we have a seat at the think tank table of our clients. Using public relations and social media as a jumping off point we make connections between businesses and consumers, ideas and products, companies and cultures. We launch and grow businesses that challenge what is, and define what’s next. Brands that other brands want to be. Find out how we can partner to go deeper into your brand’s narrative and celebrate your story.




What do YOU need? There's a lot of noise out there. We don't sell you a canned marketing strategy full of checkboxes, we draw on years of experience and a sincere belief in what you do and create a tailored and tactical approach to marketing your product or service.

We offer a full slate of integrated services under this:

  • Website Design/E-Commerce listing

  • Public relations -Media Articles & Verification 

  • Digital, print, and broadcast media

  • Content writing

  • Sponsorship advice


We'll help you build trust the old-fashioned way through dialogue and evidence-based decisions. 


Reputation management with our effective ORM and CRM services ensures that your customer queries are addressed.

This primarily includes:

• Something as basic as the dos and don'ts while communicating with the media or client. 
• Tailor-made responses so the spokesperson is prepared for the media’s questions.
• Information on the industry so the client is kept up-to-date in their field.


We help you with the tangible results of your investment. Whether it's page views, website visits, conversion of prospects, or the bottom line, we're confident that our marketing strategies quite literally pay off.


We'll work with you to set goals and meet them, tweaking plans and tactics along the way.



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